Colorado is still going great, but it's hard to believe it's already been a year! We've fallen back in with our good friends and the community is outstanding.

We've been looking for ways to get involved with our community, which my wife is great at, and trying to find ways to serve in general.

Lately, I've been getting in to learning about homesteading and gardening, and planning out lots of fun projects for our property that I hope to carry out over the next few years.

Additionally, I've been working out as much as possible as I battle to complete the Spartan Trifecta. I'm in the best shape of my life and looking to get stronger over the upcoming years.

In regards to our son, we've been given a blanket diagnosis of "Hypotonic Cerebral Palsey". With that, we've been able to get him on Medicaid to help offset the medical costs, as well as get him a lot more of the care he needs. All in all, he's doing great and he's my little buddy who just loves being outside.

One big change that happened recently, is I went back to work for my old employer, Q2 Software. It's been great so far and I am excited to work with their great team and products.


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