So much change

Within a week of each other, my bride re-entered the workforce at a local non-profit and I became a manager at my employer. It's been a lot of adjustment, to say the least, and I am having a hard time saying I'm enjoying the move, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I've read that this transition is difficult and boy they weren't kidding!

Finding purpose

One area my bride and I have been focusing is on serving the local special needs community. We have a lot of aspirations, but are trying to start small.

I'm trying to help fathers thrive under the stress that can come with raising kiddos with impairments, but am also trying to think of and work on software tools to help organizations not be overwhelmed as they try to help folks.

Long-term we want to focus on providing the things that help folks with special needs find meaning, value, and purpose in their lives. While everyone is different, this can come in the forms of providing jobs, housing, creative outlets, and community.


All in all, the family is doing well. We still love being in Colorado and everyone is doing great in their own way. We've got an introverted bookworm who loves the outdoors, a cheerleader with a heart of gold, a wild-thing who just loves having fun, and a boy who is curious and full of life. Raising this kids is my greatest duty and blessing.


Here are some things that have been adding value or impact to my life lately:

Top five interests

Top five people

  • Akira the Don
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Joe Rogan
  • Andrew Huberman
  • Lex Fridman

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