What I'm Doing Now

June 1, 2019

Settling in North Carolina

In April of 2018, due to developmental delays and challenges with my son, we left our short stint in my personal utopia called Durango, CO and came to Waxhaw, NC. This move was in large part to be closer to family so that we could have some much needed help as well as the occasional and much needed date night.

There is a lot about the southern suburban life that doesn't seem to agree with me, but I am trying to make the best of the situation. It's easy to not see how radically blessed you really are when you feel the pressure to "keep up with the Jones'" but my wife and I have simply decided we are not playing that game (Though we have to remind ourselves of that decision pretty regularly).

After a year, we still don't have a church that we feel comfortable calling "home" but between the great folks we've met in our neighborhood and F3, we've gotten plugged in pretty well and are finally starting to feel adjusted.

When asked, my girls' favorite memories are all from the short time we spent in Colorado, and there is just something special about that place. In all honesty, I feel like I am robbing them of the adventure they love for the sake of our sanity which we also need. It is our hope that we can remedy this or find a balance soon, but it would likely require another radical relocation.


I recently left my job to go work with a great group of folks at a company called Outstand. They sought me out pretty hard and in the end their character is what won me over. It was mentally challenging for me to leave the great team and job security of my larger corporate job, but these folks are something special and I am going to enjoy working with them.

For the next few months I will be drinking from a firehose as I try to learn their tech stack which includes Ruby, Elixir, Elm, and others; but I am genuinely looking forward to the challenge and growth opportunity.


Lately I've been really enjoying whiskey and smoking my pipe on occasion. I recently bought some tools to start feeding my life long desire to do wood working, though I've only done a couple projects so far due to a limited schedule. However, my wife's Pinterest board is full of ideas she wants me to build.

In the midst of a social climate where people hate you if you have something as simple as a different favorite color from them, I have a couple ideas I am also working on to lend a helping hand. Though I have a full schedule so who knows if I can actually pull it off; but I think it is important work that should probably be a higher priority.

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