About Me


I'm a husband and father, software engineer and manager, mentor and advocate in the special-needs community, who wants to build things that matter.

You can find me on Twitter/X and GitHub.

Husband and father

Been married to my wonderful bride since 2006, and together we've been raising four outstanding children. If you had told me this was the life I'd have when I was a silly teenager I would've laughed, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Software engineer and manager

Been doing web development seriously since around 2010. I've worked in PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and a few other technologies, but recently have started transitioning towards management in the hopes of using the entirety of my skillset to help other people level up.

Mentor and advocate

Having a child with special needs has thrown our family into a whole new world, but it is one that we have come to love and support. Together, my wife and I help lead support groups while I try to focus on helping fathers thrive in this setting.

Build things that matter

When it comes to side-projects and things I am working towards, in the end, I want to build things that matter. I'm currently trying to focus on some community building tools and projects, but have plenty of ideas that I'm thinking through to help the special needs community succeed in various areas of life including: mental health, independence, finding meaning, and giving back.

My values put me the camp of wanting others to know that they belong and pushing myself and others towards excellence in any and all areas of life.